Sex is not a nice to have.

Heart MouthSex is not a nice to have.

Sex is a necessity to life.

In a long term relationship we cannot know what is going to happen down the road.
You can make decisions right now about your sexual preferences and practises but that does not mean this will be the same next year, in 5 years or in 20 years.
Things will change, this is for sure.
Who are we and what do we want in our relationship?
Every person is different therefore every relationship is different.
There are no rules or standards you need follow except that which works for you.
Delete comparing ourselves to the old belief that the only way to be in a relationship is heterosexual, monogamous, long-term.

There are so many more possibilities.

It is always about taking one step at a time.

When you make your way through a relationship, you take the step you are wanting and then you see what happens emotionally.
You can’t know how you or your partner are going to feel until that step is taken.
We are free to express our relationship in any way we so choose.
Are the choices always easy?
Do you always know where your choices will lead?
All you can know is right now.
One step at a time.
One present, full, passionate, loving moment at a time.





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