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I am an Explorer of Life, Love and SexBAssCoastLianna

As an explorer I am always looking for new adventures, searching for ways to keep my personal and sexual self alive. It has been vital along the way for me to take risks, open up and most importantly live fearlessly.

I have travelled the world finding thrilling adventures from ashrams in India, remote jungle img_2913escapades in Borneo to retreats in Italian medieval villages.

I have journeyed internally, connecting with places of deep love, personal awareness, multi-dimensionality and orgasmic, blissful energy.

I am a provocative, loving, open, non-judgemental, sexual, gabriellen3awakened, consciously living and boundary-pushing woman who very much enjoys a challenge and the thrill of new adventures.

The journey starts with being true to who you are.

I have many personal practises that bring fullness and depth to the work I do.

Yoga is part of my weekly therapeutic practise and has been my whole life. Presently I practise intensive Vinyasa, Hatha, Flow and Power Yoga with Jasmina Egler, Mike Nicols, and Jason Hagemeister.

Meditation has been part of my life for the past 20 years. I practise daily to ground and centre myself.

20160114_163645Physical activity is very important to me. I love to run, ski, hike, bike and walk to name a few activities participate in throughout the year.

Connecting with the forest and nature is a daily practise. We are surrounded by stunning forest walks and hikes in Vancouver. The forest nourishes me. Wreck Beach, in Vancouver, BC, has been a healing centre for me where I can walk in the forest, lie in the hot sun, swim in the ocean and watch the last glimmers of the sunset completely naked.

I explore multi-dimensional and parallel levels of consciousness through out-of- body practises and keen awareness to the symbolism in my life.

I practise self-healing with focused intention, Jikiden Reiki level 1 certification, Non-linear Embodiment techniques and keen awareness of how my thoughts and beliefs create my external manifestations.

My professional experiences include:

Educated and drawing from Conscious Living Coaching, Tantric practises, Taoist Theory, Yogic Principles, Intuitive Approaches and Personal Reality Philosophy, I am skilled in designing what individuals need to move forward in their exploration of their relationship.

I give workshops and seminars on topics that focus on exciting, stimulating and sexy ways of seeing and building a more powerful and soulful relationship.

Presently I am in the process of setting up a Centre for Sex and Sexuality in Vancouver.

Always looking to expand my knowledge and experience, I am on the apprenticeship path with world famous Michaela Boehm Non-linear Embodiment and Polarity techniques .

Trained over the past 15 years extensively by The Seth Material, presented by Jane Roberts, Robert Butts and Rick Stack. This material influences and permeates everything I do professionally and personally.

Presenter of workshops on Jealousy, Multi-Orgasmic Women, Bisexuality and one-on-one coaching sessions with SOP Lifestyle Productions in Whistler, BC, Canada with.

Presented a workshop on Jealousy and was interviewed on a podcast for Modern Sex Talks.

Producing and presenting workshops for couples: Recharging Your Electro-Sexual Connection: for men Cock Energy and for women Your Erotic Creature.

Writing articles and maintaining an active blog pertaining to sexual exploration and unique personal sexual self-expression. www.liannawalden.com

Cultivating my own You Tube Channel discussing sex and sexuality.

tabooPresenter at Vancouver’s TABOO – The Naughty but Nice Sex Show. I had a booth as a Sex and Relationship Coach and I presented two seminars over the weekend on Sexual Roleplay.

Producer of risqué theatrical presentation, Bi, Hung, Fit … and Married; a biographical piece about a couple’s journey of self-discovery as they open their ailing 15-year marriage to explore evolving emotional and sexual needs beyond monogamy. I and my then husband often presented a talk-back session after the play where people can ask questions and share personal stories.

Producer and facilitator different meet-up groups: Women Exploring Sex + Intimacy and Couples Exploring Sex + Intimacy.

Presenter for the past 8 years, workshops at The Art of Loving in Vancouver, Canada on Open Relationships, Jealousy, Non-monogamy, Sexual Roleplay and Becoming a Multi-Orgasmic Woman.

Participant in 2014 and 2015 Michaela Bohem’s The Yoga of Deep Intimacy, in Vancouver, Canada

Participant in the Conscious Sexuality and Relationship Conference – 2015 online speakers’ series.

Participant in Workshop presented by MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) on Psychedelics: Sex, Power, Money

Participant in Mindfulness workshops with Hungarian Mindfulness practitioner Kata Kálmán in Vancouver, BC

Mentored by Sex and Relationship Coach, sexual explorer – Kim Anami.

Jikiden Reiki – Level 1 Certification with instructor Maureen Cardoso

Participant in Out-of-body Workshop with Rick Stack in Los Angeles based on the work of SETH by Jane Roberts.

Exploring and connected to the sexually charged and energetic scene of numerous events from Vancouver Fetish Weekend, Electronica Erotica, SPANK, POLY events, PLUR pan-sexual sex positive events, participant in the Pride Parade in Vancouver, NOIRE fetish events, SINCITY kink events, EDEN swingers events.

One year travel around the world, 2008-2009, with my past husband and children of 11 and 12. Travel All Planes

Producer of “The Vancouver International Fringe Festival” from 2006-2008

Coming Out in My Own Life

Being open about my life has been key in helping others. As sexuality is to me the core of who we are, my expertise lies in awakening in the sexual realm which then permeates the rest of ones being.

I thoroughly enjoyed an amazing relationship for 22 years with Mark Bentley Cohen. During the time we were together he wrote a book, “Confessions of a Bisexual Husband“, which details his coming out as bisexual and our transition to non-monogamy. It was crucial for us to tell our story to others. Our journey was transformational! By allowing each other to grow sexually, all areas of our lives blossomed.  Our on-going experiments in love, intimacy, consciousness and sex have strengthened us as individuals. We are now exploring our lives separately, with the conscious understanding that we needed space to explore as individuals in order to continue expanding in the work that each of us do.

My life has been an amazing journey of exploration and expansion. I truly will not be stopped in my own growth and in moving through the incredibly diverse opportunities that await.

Being alive is about taking risks.

Contact me NOW to start exploring.

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  1. Jay Tompson
    March 8, 2015 at 15:53


    I would like to join you and your husbands meet up group called “open marriage Vancouver”. I believe it will not let me join as I have a status of single. The reason being, I am married but my wife is not adventurous with other people and gives me the freedom to explore my sexual path. Therefore I am single on “meet up” for the single meet up groups. I would love to attend your next meet and greet,


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