Open Relationships

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Open Relationships


Date: Aug. 24 or Oct.4, 2016
Time: 7:30-9:30
Location:  The Art of Loving (369 West Broadway)
Cost: $25.00

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Presenter Lianna Walden was featured in the Georgia Straight and The Globe and Mail talking about living in a non-monogamous relationship.

Nonmonogamy has many different facets and directions you and your partner can explore. Sex and Relationship Expert Lianna Walden has been experimenting for a decade with more success than she ever knew possible.

She will share her knowledge and experiences about taking the leap, the different directions, the difficulties and the numerous rewards!

Join her for an open and frank discussion as she reveals how a couple can successfully free one another to allow for sexual exploration in a relationship

She offers a safe place to find out anything you ever wanted to know.

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See you there!


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