Couples/Singles Coaching

Couples Coming TogetherTired of living through the same patterns over and over again in your relationships?

Ready and wanting to move forward into something new and exciting?

Wanting to spark or rekindle that long term relationship?

Thinking of testing out other options for your relationship – nonmonogamy?

Are you feeling you are not experiencing the sex and intimacy that you desire?

An intimate, sexual and emotional relationship with another person goes through many changes over the years. We change as individuals as we grow and develop new life experiences and we change as a couple as we go through the years and exploration of life together. When it comes to sex, many of us ignore the need for growth and actually it is found that in long term relationships, the partners become less intimate with each other and more fearful of expressing how they feel. This can lead to infidelity, break-up or in most cases stagnation.

As a single person, there is much desire to experience a deep relationship with someone. Creating this connection takes time and understanding about who you are and what you truly desire. It can feel lonely and isolating as you search and one often blames themself for who they are when nothing seems to be happening. 

You need to be ready to take some risk at this point.

You need to be ready to open yourself up, find out what it is you do want in a relationship.

That can mean different things for each person but ultimately we all want to feel loved, to be desired and accepted and to have room to express who we are.

I help couples see each other in a more conscious, present place. I work with them to consider new perspectives which can then allow openness and free expression of what is going on for each of them.

I help singles to dive deeper into their own desires so that they can start to create what they really want in a relationship.

I introduce people to tantric ways of thinking and living so that hearts and genitals start to pulse again.

We work together to unravel the old habits, creating more exciting and desirous ways of communication and companionship.

I focus on bringing joy to the relationship where the couple can have fun, be silly, enjoy each other’s company, open to sexual experience, deepen intimacy and design new adventures together.

If there is still a love between you, it is never too late to make some shifts in your partnership. It is never too late to explore and experiment with alternative possibilities in the relationship.

For each person it is unique. We will work together to find a journey that works for you.

Be ready to bust through your fears!

Be ready for creating more of what you want!

Be ready to have some fun!

Making change is not always easy.  You have come this far. You are reading my page and you have shown interest in wanting to receive some help. This is fantastic! This is the first step.

Let’s start with a conversation to see where you are at and where you would like to be. This is complimentary. Let’s get to know each other a bit to discuss how we can move forward.

Creating change is so necessary in developing and maintaining healthy, conscious and loving relationships. Let me work with you to make the  transition you are so desiring.

Rate Options to Explore


$450 / month for minimum 3 months –
12 sessions total (60 min)

Who this is for
*You are ready to make some serious change in the way you have been dealing with your sex life and relationships.
*You want to know how to express who you really are so that you reach a place where you are feeling more pleasure and love for yourself.
*You are unconscious of why you are in the situation you are in right now and you are ready to take some risks in finding out answers.
*You are conscious about the state you are in but there are many fears you have around making adjustments and taking risks.
*You would like on-going support through an issue, blockage, direction, experience.
*You are an explorer and right now feel this phase of your life is over and you are READY to move into something very different.

$499 / 4 session package (60 min.)

Who this is for
*You would like on-going support through an issue, blockage, direction, experience.
*You are confused by what is happening in your life right now and would like some support to transition through.
*You are wanting to explore something different, a unique fantasy/kink/sexual experience and would like some guidance.
*You are dealing with a bisexual husband and need someone that will empathize and lead you through the discomfort you are feeling.
*You have been stuck in a situation and have come to a point where expanding into new territory is required.

$140 / session
(60 min)

Who this is for
*You need a boost and fresh new perspective on your relationship or sexual concerns.
*You would like to explore some ideas and possibilities around sex.
*You are not happy with your current situation and would like to work with me one session at a time.
*You are confused about a sexual or intimate issue and you need to talk to someone.


Easy Payment
Sessions can be paid in cash, e-transfer, credit card.
Package sessions must be paid in advance.

Need Support
I am committed to assist whoever needs support in their exploration. Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss cost alternatives
to the rates indicated above.



4 comments for “Couples/Singles Coaching

  1. Eric
    May 10, 2015 at 19:46

    Hi, my name is Eric. My wife, Tarah recently did some personal growth programs that helped her “find her inner strength, increase her capacity to love, and awaken her feminine power.” Or something like that. All of those things sound great in general, but that has caused a huge change in our relationship. She now insists on being in an open marriage and has already started practicing this lifestyle….. I don’t know what to do, I want to be supportive but I don’t know what that looks like. Help!

    • August 27, 2015 at 18:39

      That is fantastic about your wife doing some inner growth programs. Most likely her need to do the programs was also due to her need to make some changes in the relationship. And that is a good thing. Yes it is scary and can be difficult at times navigating, but ultimately it is about allowing yourself to open to more experience in your life.

      So what do you do? I will offer a few ideas but since I do not have much information from you I can not be sure you have not already gone this route.
      1. She is practising this lifestyle. To what degree this means I am not sure. She has crossed the line to nonmonogamy? Or is she just making contact with other people she would like to pursue sexually? In either case, are you ok with this? Have you discussed this extensively with her? Have you asked her all the questions that are burning inside of you right now? Do you understand what she wants to do and where she wants to go with this? Heading into nonmonogamy from a monogamous relationship requires discussion and communication. If you are alright with this scenario, then work together with her. Know what she is up to and what she is going through all the way through. Now if you are not onboard and she is going ahead anyhow, that also requires a lengthy discussion. You may be heading on different paths. She may be fed up with your relationship so far and is moving on herself. Sorry I really need more information to help you on this one.
      2. Start to dig into your own inner desires, wants, needs, fantasies. She is doing this and so can you. She is taking the freedom, so can you. What do you want sexually? Are you interested in exploring outside your relationship? What turns you on?
      3. Change in your relationship is a good thing. Go with the change, love her for her new outlook on life, talk to her about what she is desiring, play with her in this exploration. You can be part of it as well. She probably also has no idea what this “open marriage” is going to look like. There are no manuals here. The moves you make are going to be unique to you as a couple so back again to communicating about what is going on. You want to find paths that you are both comfortable with. You may want to take small steps to ease into it. There are many things you can do to allow adjustment to this new lifestyle.
      4. We can talk more extensively if you would like. This way we can dive into what is really bothering you at the moment and we can deal with how you are going to move forward.

      I hope this helps a little. This is my specialty and I would be pleased to help you make your way through.
      Looking forward to hearing from you again,

  2. Hilary
    October 31, 2015 at 14:33

    Hi Lianna
    I have been married to my husband Gary for 35 years and we have 5 grown up children and 4 grandchildren.
    I love my husband very much. He has always had issues about his sexuality and recently told me had been having m to m encounters behind my back. I was shocked and extremely hurt. I seriously considered leaving him but after 35 years its hard. He has told me he is bisexual, and he can no longer try and ignore it. I told him after a lot of talking that I accept and love him and have basically given him the green light. My problem now is my loneliness and jealousy. I am alone tonight and he has hooked up with someone. I have read everything you said on your blog and website and I so admire you. I wish I could be like you but I have no libido at all.
    I have always had problems with sex following a rape when I was a teenager and have never enjoyed it. Now I feel like he is going out having a good time and I am sitting at home all alone. Sorry I feel a bit teary now. Any advice on combatting these feelings?

    • November 2, 2015 at 17:48

      Hi Hilary,
      Thank-you for reaching out to me. Yes it is a massive change that your husband has come out as bisexual and I am sure a shock when you found out he had been exploring behind your back. It is also very brave and strong of you to accept him for who he is, give him some room and allow him freedom in his exploration.

      I would strongly suggest for you, if you have not done already, to get some good counselling around the rape that took place when you were a teenager. If you have never really enjoyed sex since then, it is time to resolve this situation now. It is time for you to take some special care and attention to YOU. Your husband is making changes in his life, opening to his sexuality, going on sexual adventures etc. to start to feel better about himself. You also need to do this. Sitting at home wondering what he is doing, who he is with, when he will be back is all focused on his actions. What about you? What kind of life do you want to have for you? If you have decided to stay with him, then you have to make changes in yourself to find joy and happiness for yourself in your own life.

      Do you want to experience sex in a positive, loving, healing way? Get some help. Reach out to someone who is knowledgeable in working through the negative impressions you have about sexual intimacy.
      No matter what age you are or what circumstance you are in, there is always time for healing oneself. PUT YOUR FOCUS ON YOU! I cannot stress this enough.

      If you would like to chat more about this, please contact me.
      You are worthy of having the best and most wonderful intimate and sexual life that you want.
      Lots of love

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