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Are you wanting more in your intimate and sexual life?

Does your sex life feel stagnant and unsatisfying?

Is your sexual energy stuck or blocked in some way inhibiting you from moving forward in exploration?

As a Transformational Sex & Relationship Coach and Sexual Energy Healer, I specialize in erotic empowerment, conscious sexuality, sexual polarity, kink and consensual non-monogamy.

I will help you step into the unknown to open your heart and body and explore all that is waiting for you.

Coaching you is all about looking forward. Together, we work with where you are right now to explore and discover how we can take you to a place where you are happier and more fulfilled.

We open to possibilities that help you see a unique perspective. This allows you to shift in your thinking and therefore change what is happening in your world around.

My coaching is directed at reaching a place where you are positively transforming in your intimate and sexual relationships. I want you to find that connection that awakens all your senses.

This is where the magic is at. 

I have stepped many times into unfamiliar territory within my intimate and sexual life and I continue to do so. I realize that this journey does not end.

Yes, it can be terrifying but the rewards for jumping off that cliff, far outweigh any stagnation or unhappiness you may be experiencing right now. There is always another level you will find as you make your way through your desires, your wants, your needs and the love that you want to have in your life.

Who will benefit from my coaching?

*I coach couples or singles, in monogamous or non-monogamous situations, who want more from their lives emotionally and sexually by exploring and discovering new and exciting intimate possibilities.

*If you are coming from a longer term relationship where it’s time for rejuvenation, my expertise in awakening the passion is optimal to maintaining a healthy life together.

*If you are single and searching for a deeper connection, let’s find it! Together we will work on opening your heart to the understanding and knowing that it is there waiting for you.

I am here to coach you through the
transitional waters that await you.

What We Will Discover Together

  • You will discover exciting new perspectives that will help you shift towards the direction you want to be going – Towards more LOVE!
  • You will be truly heard and supported in your unique journey so that you can open towards JOY, LOVE and great SEX.
  • You will play around with experiments that will assist in OPENING you to who you are and what you are seeking.
  • A relationship and a marriage always need nurturing both emotionally and sexually. We will work together to find ways to help make yours BLOSSOM.
  • We will discover how to get those SEXUAL JUICES FLOWING again for you and between you and your partner.
  • Transitions are always happening and are necessary in a relationship. CHANGE is a great thing and I will be there to help  you navigate through.
  • We will work together to overcome the fears blocking you from moving forward into a places where you feel EMPOWERED and ALIVE.

If you feel a shift, in anyway, our coaching sessions are working.
It is all about the shift you are willing to make within yourself.

Create the shift and
you will see magic happen all around you.

My Coaching Technique

What are your aspirations and dreams for your relationship, your sex life? Anything is attainable and possible.

We work on closing that gap between where you are and what you want. There are layers of exploration waiting for you to experience. My years of navigating in spiritual, emotional and intellectual realms has given me a clear perspective of the uinlimited possibilities.

I have 25 years of experience and personal training in unlocking any blockages or fears. Drawing from Conscious Living Coaching, Tantric practises, Daoist and Embodiment Techniques,  I am skilled in designing just what you need right now.

I know how to lead you through this incredible world awaiting.

We will focus on empowering you and helping you build the strength you need and want to transform and create a full, loving, sexual and intimate life.

How does this transformation take place?

*By first discovering what it is that you do want. Visualizing, imagining, fantasizing, through to your inner desires.

*By you listening to what is going on inside you and making shifts in thoughts, words, beliefs and then actions.

*By recognizing and then allowing all the changes to unfold spontaneously and knowingly.

*By accepting and acknowledging that your work is to find a place where you allow joy to be a predominant vibration in your life.

*We will work together to find ways to open up these portals of your inner being so that you can see and feel more clearly.

*Step by step we will work on creating, expanding, exploring and accepting more intimacy and sex that you so desire in your life.

I am so looking forward to joining you on
your new and exciting journey!

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