Conscious Sexuality is about taking responsibility for your pleasure.

tumblr_ndpxlwCj991ttl5zwo1_500I was often not conscious in what I did sexually.

I can only do what I can do and if things are boring or inadequate between me and my partner, then it must be  my partner who is at fault.

When I realized that I had to take 100% responsibility for my sexual self, everything changed.

Only I have the power to create my own pleasure.

I opened up to my partner, letting him know what was really going on, making him aware of the feelings and insecurities I was holding inside.
Surprisingly, he began to share and open up too.

As a couple we were able to then start to work together, share, explore, experience, unfold, grow.

Every risk we took was counter-intuitive.
Every new uncovering of thoughts, fantasies, desires brought us closer together.

Conscious sexuality is about being more of who you are.
Allowing yourself to reveal what is really going on so that further thoughts and feeling can have the room to bubble up.

This exploration never ends.

And boy does it feel amazing!


Join me in exploring conscious sexuality in your relationship!
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