Your Electro-Sexual Connection: Intimacy and Attraction Workshop®


Transformational Sex and Relationship coach, Lianna Walden takes you on a intimate, penetrative ride that will open you to a your deepest core desires.

Join Lianna in this 3 hour exciting and experiential workshop to explore deeper levels of intimate and sexual expression.

All sexual orientations, +19 couples or singles welcome. This workshop provides you with a safe, guided space to stretch your intimacy, heart and sexual energies. As you practice and stretch these energies you will feel more confident emitting a stronger, clearer expression of yourself and with a partner.

DATES: Tuesday, December 5
TIME: Workshop from  7:00 – 10:00 pm,  Doors open at 6:45pm

COST: $40 / per person  (early bird prices @$30)
LOCATION: Another Space – 1523 East Pender Street

TICKETS: EventBrite

Workshop Details.

We work very hard to achieve balance and equanimity in our relationships. When it comes to sex however it is the polarity or tension between the couple that creates the sparks.

This workshop will enable you to rediscover or recharge your sexual essence so that you can begin to emit a stronger, clearer, expression of your sexual energy.

Through exercises created to enhance intimacy, heart connection and erotic sparks with oneself and with another, the journey opens and offers you a safe space to explore layers of sensations for giving and receiving.

The intimate and erotic exchanges we will be practising, can result in deeper levels of intimacy, expanded feelings of love and enhanced sexual charges.

 The workshop is comprised of experiential exercises made to:

* Create connections intimacy to yourself and others.
* Open your heart to experience deep levels of love.
* Slowly awaken you to your bubbling sexual energies.

* Guide you to understanding and allowing your personal power as a sexual being.
* Identify and nurture the masculine and feminine sexual energies within you and between others.
* Expand your ability to offer more freely your raw intimate, sexual self.

What you can expect:

*Continual carefully planned connective exercises with others that foster opening you to a depth of intimacey you may have not yet encountered before.
*The building of heat within your mind, body and soul as you dive into places that may be unfamiliar and boundary pushing.
*An opportunity to let go and allow your body to lead you in whatever comes.
*An new and exhilerating experience that will ripple in your life for weeks after.

What People are saying about this workshop.

Tammy Chu attended the workshop on November 14, 2017


Instead of lengthy explanation, Lianna guided us through different movement practices to connect with both our masculine and feminine energies within. By using movement, I was able to get out of my head and into my body to feel more at ease with myself and the other participants in the room. Lianna guided us to interact with many of the other participants, and that interaction allowed me to explore my own intuition in giving feedback to others as well as receive some lovely advice from others outside my circle of friends. I left feeling energized and more in touch with the feminine aspects of myself. Because my partner also participated in the experience, we had rich conversation after the workshop to explore how the various exercises made us feel. Highly recommended experience! KW

Wow. What a great evening. Lianna created a safe an magical space for us to feel connected and have fun meeting others. When is the next one? – Stacey

Great facilitation skills and conceptual frameworks that cause movement. I could definitely see the space between masculine and feminine more deliciously! Thanks! – Corey

The things I discovered about others and more importantly about myself were wonderful. – Todd

I thought this was a fun workshop. Great space for it. Great host and an excellent bunch of participants. – Paul

I look forward to further exploring the world of connection and intimacy with the help and support of this Lianna, this experienced voyager, who created a safe and free atmosphere where depth and play and keeping distance were equally welcome and possible. – KK


We are all on an erotic journey that never ends!

Question people have been asking about the workshop.

1. Will we have to interact with other people?

Yes there will be interaction with others. This is done in a safe and consensual manner at all times.

2. We have never done this before, what can we expect?

This is a safe, consensual and respectful of all participants boundaries event. We will start with an introduction. Most of the workshop is broken into exercises that everyone participates in at the same time. There will be a number of short exercises allowing for each participant to interact with many people in the room. The exercises are intended to build sexual energy within each participant and amongst the group. The idea through doing this workshop is to get a feel for your own sexual electricity, feel the energy between masculine and feminine energies and to create connection with others on different energetic levels.

3. What shall I wear?

Dress comfortably as there will be movement. Loose clothing and comfortable footwear are recommended.

4. Will there be sexual interaction?

There will be intimate and sexual interaction between partners or others however there is no removal of clothing, kissing or touching of breasts or genitals. Each person does have the option of saying no at any time.

5. Does age matter?

You have to be 19 and over to participate.  It is about the energetic connections you create with others and your ability to allow your own energy to flow and open up.

6. Can I pay when I arrive?

I would prefer if you would pre-pay so I can have a clear count before we start but if you decide last minute, call me and we will squeeze you in. 604*818*9688

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