How do you take your sex life to another level?

tumblr_nc9jlehbgi1twpt0wo1_500SLOW DOWN.

I can’t stress this enough. Everyone is going far too fast. Having sex is not a race. The only place you want to go is deeper into the sexual and intimate experience.



Tease each other all day with text messages, glances, touches, compliments and kisses. This can build the sexual energy in both of you preparing you for the stimulation and deeper exploration.



SLOW CREATIVE TOUCH – softly touching, awakening the hairs on the body, firmly, the tips of your fingers, massaging, squeezing, slapping gently, caressing with your nails, pinching, rubbing the skin.

CREATIVE KISSING – Softly, deeply, nibbling, long pauses, tongues exploring, licking, kissing different areas of the mouth, breathing energy into each other’s mouth.

CREATIVE CHATTER – Make complimentary comments about what your partner feels like, smells like and looks like. You can also comment on how you feel or what you want to do to them.

BODY EXPLORATION – Spend time on different areas of your partner’s body, using Creative Kissing, Creative Touch and Creative Chatter. TAKE YOUR TIME – explore your partner like a treasure chest of delights, enjoying all the sensations of the body.



Explore the vulva and penis with curiosity. If what you are doing is not getting any effect, ask your partner “What do you like” or “Please show me what you like”. Use Creative Touch, Kissing and Chatter.

When a penis is ready to penetrate, make sure the vulva is very wet. Wait until the vulva is ready for you, wanting you, desiring you. (Read Ejaculation Control)

Play on the outside first until you are calm enough to enter.

Enter and then hold, again waiting until you are calm enough. Give the vagina time to adjust to you, open for you. Do not cum. Practise not ejaculating, stretching your ability to withhold for as long as possible.

When you are ready to start moving, do so SLOWLY. Adjust together. Slow down or stop if it is too intense.

You want to work on penetrating for longer periods of time in order for the vagina to get stimulated and engorged inside. This could take 30-40 minutes. It is worth it. You will both start to feel the excitement of your sexual energy building; you will begin to sweat bringing on a heightened sensual experience. You may also start to feel the vulva in states of orgasm or vaginal ejaculation. Allow your bodies to surrender to the experience whatever bubbles up to the surface.

Take Breaks

If you are both getting tired, hold off penile ejaculation and stop for a while. Have a drink, talk a bit, eat something, take some breathes in between.

When you are ready to start again, the energy will be stronger and charged. Still do not rush, feel the desire between you, let the passion build. Upon penetration, avoid ejaculating until you are both truly ready to end your intimate session.

After Sex


Lie beside each other, feel the sensations of your own body, the rush of adrenaline and energy vibrating every cell. Enjoy the aftermath together, lovingly.


Take Your Sex Life to Another Level




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