“I AM THE POWER” – Making Intimate Connections in Vancouver

tumblr_n6gkwrhp8i1s1zecoo1_500I have been speaking to many singles lately. Everyone wants connections; intimate and sexual. Many are complaining about the difficulties associated with connecting to people in Vancouver.

There are many excuses: people are not inviting, standoffish, asexual, passionless, seemingly unhappy, depressed, scared. There is no eye contact, lack of interest, or aggression and douche bags with one liners.

You can create all sorts of excuses why you are not connecting with others. You can blame them as the result of your inability to connect, or you can take your power back and start creating what you really want.


Are you ready to start connecting?
Are you ready to have exciting intimate adventures?

If up to this point you have been building your energy with ideas pointed to;
there are no people out there;
everyone is stiff and unapproachable;
people are impossible to connect with;
and everyone rejects you constantly because “whatever you have decided you are or they are”;
I suspect things are not working out too well.

You go out strongly believing that if you are attracted to a person, that they will not be into you, that they will probably be with someone else, that you are not good enough for them, that you wore the wrong clothes or you look to fat or out of shape or whatever excuses you can come up with.

You come into a meeting with someone carrying that energy and guess what happens over and over again, rejection.

This rejection then becomes a huge hit to your ego.

You back off, beaten down. You conclude that there is obviously no one to connect with.

Your image that everyone is unapproachable is again reinforced.

Is this describing you and your present energetic situation? How about trying something radically different?

Let’s use an example of going out to an event.

This process is called “I AM THE POWER”.

Visualize a bubble around you that does not allow negative energy to penetrate you. Actually visualize this bubble covering your whole body as a protection from allowing anything to enter that can affect you emotionally or physically.

Go into the event with the below set of energetic beliefs about who you are and what you want.

“I am strong in who I am. There is no one like me, I am unique and I offer love, compassion, friendship, and honesty. I am here with no expectation except to enjoy myself with other fun, loving people.

There are some amazing people here. I would like to meet some of these people.

I do not control people’s reactions. Everyone comes with their own fears and insecurities.

I am going to be me, solid, strong, centred, loving, open and I am going to have a good time no matter what.

I hold onto my power under all situations.

If someone gives me a dirty look or rejects me, I do not allow that energy in. (Your bubble will protect you.) I have no idea where they are coming from or why they may react that way. It doesn’t matter.

I am a solid, powerful me.”

If you receive a response that seems like a rejection, bounce that energy off your field. Respond in your authentic way. Leave them as the positive, strong person that you are.

“OK, well have a great night!”

Keep in your centre, respond in I am a kind, loving person kind of way, detach from them and go on to meet someone else.

As you practise, you will find someone that will respond more positively to your loving you way. Feel them opening to you. Breathe. Keep in your energy of “there are some amazing people here. I am amazing too.”

Open to them in your “you” loving way.

Remember you are in a state of shifting and it’s going to take time to get yourself into a different mode of thinking and patterning so that you can become the power in your life. Be patient. Keep strong.


As soon as you go back into your old way of reacting, “No one likes me, everyone sucks, I am never going to connect with anyone”, then you will reinforce the old fears you had about people in Vancouver.

Remind yourself of the new thoughts you are carrying. See above.

It may not be successful the first night out so keep the process going.

Through practise you are going to start to see people reacting to you in a manner that is more of what you really want in personal connections and you will realize that there are lots of amazing, loving, open people in Vancouver.



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