Love Your Genitals

tumblr_n0sy4ahdej1rnkklbo1_1280When was the last time you said to your partner “I love your cock so much” or “I love your pussy so much”?

If you are wanting to take your sex life to another level, you have to start to not only love your partners genitals, but love your own too!

Start with the love of what you have, if you do not already.

The pussy is always undervalued by its owner. Have you ever really looked and examined your own pussy?

What does it look like in a quiet state and then in an aroused state? Does it change shape, color, size? How do you feel as it changes during stimulation? What does it look like when it is in an orgasmic state? What about the ejaculate? What is the texture, color, taste?

Remember this is YOUR body; a personal, beautiful, every-changing, centre of your being that deserves nothing less than absolute complete reverence.

Spend some time with your pussy, alone. Set up a ‘pussy (yoni) celebration evening’ where you are looking close-up. Soft music plays, candles are lit, a comfortable seat in front of a mirror where you can sit, open your legs and discover. The house is quiet and private where you can spend intimate time getting to know yourself, getting to love yourself.

The cock is also undervalued by its owner, although easier to see and play with, definitely needing in more love. It is often separated from the owner who believes they have no control over what is does and how it will respond. Take charge. Learn to breathe and to connect to your cock energy so that you gain the ability to direct it and be confidence in what you do with it. Send loving messages to your cock, letting it know that you want to work with it to increase pleasure, joy and deep sexual experiences.

Once you have committed to loving your own genitals, dive into really deeply loving your partners.

Examine them in all stages of metamorphosis.

Play with it, be creative in your touch of it, kiss it often, decorate it, compliment it, worship it. Take it in with all your senses so that you can really be connected to this unique personal part of them. Create a name for it that is intimate and known to only the two of you.

Understand and be cognizant of how YOU can make it change, excite it, engorge it or help it to release.

The attention you start to give to your own genitals and to your partner’s may be a very new exploration for you, so go slowly. This is not an overnight event. Take your time to connect as you begin to really fall in love.

Ask your partner to show you how they like to be pleasured. Watch the specifics in the way they touch themselves and what works for them to get aroused and excited. 

Our sexual organs are the most precious centres of our bodies. When you are able to come forth with love and devotion, the physical contact of these oh so loved pleasure centers, will be infused with deeper, more passionate play and exploration for both of you.




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