Loving Connection With Myself

I would like to have sex more often.
I would like my partner and I to be more connected.
I would like to feel more love and lots of intinacy and have a deep loving connectiong with my partner.
In order to have that you have to start by having a deep loving connection with yourself.

We are not having sex.
We are not having sex regularly, or at all, and sex it not part of our life.
What is wrong with him?
Why is he pulling away?
Why isn’t he coming to me?
Why isn’t he doing something about it?
Why isn’t he sexier, more intersted in me?
What is wrong with this person?
So instead of doing that, because it doesnt work, and it just gets worse  and you start separating from each other more and more. And you start looking at each other, pointing at the other person: what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with you!!
Look inside here… What do I want?

To love yourself. You start to love this first part in here. This is the first manafestation of your life.
It’s the fist tiny little part of many other external things that you are going to start creating in our life.
Let’s look at what is going on in here. (your heart)

I am not getting sex very often.
What is going on with me that I am not?
I am the kind of person that is ready to have sex often?
Am I the kind of person who is physically ready to have sex often?

Do I really believe that I am the kind of person that can have sex often?
Do I have sexual energy moving in my body so that I radiate this kind of sexual desire and passion, am I that kind of a person?

Does my entire body feel sexual and beautiful and sensuous?

What is going with you, what is going on inside of you!?
This is where we start to examine first.



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