podcast-icon-1December 2015 – Podcast from Modern Sex Talks – Authentic Sexual Expression – Exploring Sexuality, Desire and Passion Within YOU … with Lianna Walden


bi-husbandOctober 12, 2014 – My writing featured in The Good Men Project
My Huband Coming Out to Me Changed My Life




LOVEITCOVERlatestmagJuly 10, 2014 – Featured in LOVE IT! Tabloid from London, England “Threesomes SAVED our marriage!”





BHF+Mgrainy3someface-250wideJune 14, 2014Minnesota Daily

One writer’s secret to a perfect mariage.
The solution to writer and performer Mark Bentley Cohen’s marriage problems was seeing other people — with his wife.



Georgia Straight Cover_2407Feb 6, 2014Georgia Straight feature interview.

“Bisexuality and open relationships: transcending myths of monogamy and monosexuality”

Local Vancouver weekly arts, entertainment and life guide, my partner Mark was interviewed about our lives and his thoughts around nonmonogamy.

Lianna Walden and Mark Bentley Cohen interview on nonmonogamy






globeandmailInterview-150x10320 February, 2014The Globe and Mail Interview
Canada’s biggest national newspaper, writer Zosia Bielski interviewed Mark and Lianna about their relationship, non-monogamy and bisexuality.

The interview’s entitled: “Q&A: How this couple saved their marriage by embracing non-monogamy and having sex with others”.



M+L-MauriceMOVFeb2013February, 2013Museum of Vancouver: Sex Talk in the City

Lianna and I were part of this 6 month exhibit about sex and sexuality – past and present – in Vancouver. We had an mini-installation in one of the museum’s infamous “drawers”. An entire wall had been set up with drawers along the wall, much like you’d find in a bedroom to store clothing. There was something sneaky and reminiscent of going through your parents’ drawers as a kid, and finding sexual items.


globeandmailimage-wrkd21-150x10827 July, 2013 – “Bi, Hung, Fit… and Married” is The Globe and Mail’s Theatrical Pick of the Week! The performance was part of Vancouver’s Queer Arts Festival.




JodieandMarcWedding.php26  August, 2013 – Article in the Montreal Gazette about my feature documentary Citizen Marc appearing at the Montreal World Film Festival.

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