Multi-Dimensional Heart Healing

Three Months  ….   April 9 – June 26 2018

Ready to blast off in a new direction?

Do you want to create a new way of being?

Are you ready to turn your life in a different direction?

I am offering a three month Multi-Dimensional Heart Healing Program that will lay out the foundation for you to blast off in whatever direction you so desire.

This will be a combination of Talk Therapy, Consciousness Expansion, Dream Work, Universe-Shifting and Energy Stretching.



We are more much more than human beings living a human experience. We all have access to multi-levels of consciousness. These dimensions exist in you right now, at all times. If it is the human experience that you are finding difficult at the moment, in whatever way that is for you, we can access other parts of you to help guide you to a place where you are feeling happier and where you start to create what it is you truly desire in your life.

Heart Healing

I focus on the healing of the heart. The heart is the central connection of the human being to other realms. As you access this energy of love, you begin to connect to other dimensions of who you are. In the human existence this means love for yourself, love for your surroundings and love for others. What exists within is an extension of what you manifest in your earthly world. If what you are seeing and experiencing right now is not in line with who you would like to be, then the heart is the place to begin exploration.


Why this program?

I have tested this process many times in my own life with great success. I have created amazing adventures, deep love, thrilling explorations, great happiness and joy! I am going on another journey and I want to take you with me!

How do you want to feel in your life?

We will work together for three months to create the shift in your life where you are feeling amazing!

We will be working on many levels of consciousness that exist within you to support your shifting, guide you and help you.

This is a unique and most progressive way of operating as it draws upon your own power.

The work you will have to do in the program is EASY and FUN and within days you will start to feel differently.

Your world will begin to shift in subtle and unexpected ways very quickly so that you can see the results.

We are going to go on a journey that will be an experience of life changing proportion.


Is this program for you?

Your life is passing you by.

How do you want to feel as you make your way through the rest of your life?

Are you completely ready to commit to yourself right now?
The shift in you will only occur if you are ready to commit to your practices.
If you are ready to tap into this powerful energy, if you are ready to focus on feeling better than you have ever felt before, then this is a program for YOU!

The work will not be difficult at all. It may even seem too easy to believe.

It will be extremely important to put the exercises into play. These will be the triggers to creating change in your life.

Now you may have some areas of resistance to bust your way through, but I will show you how and guide you to a place where you are feeling more JOY, HAPPINESS and LOVE.

It is extremely important to me that FUN is the direction we are heading and that you are feeling the element of fun as you make your way through this program.


What is going to happen over the 3 months?

Each month will be set up loosely as follows. Be aware anything can change at any time and because it is a personalized program, I will be guiding each person in the best possible direction for them personally.

MONTH ONEDeveloping a Base of Your Intimate State
Laying the Groundwork of your new you
Identifying what is holding you back.
Taking charge of your thoughts.
Strengthening your heart and building your love energy.

Deep breathing techniques to connect with your inner intuition
Accessing a numb state reality in order to connect beyond your physical body.
Heightening your feeling sense to work on projecting and manifesting your desires into physical reality.
Allowing for trust in your intuition, integrating shifts in conscious thought patterns.


MONTH TWO – Expanding Your Everyday Consciousness
Experimenting with possibilities through exercises and attuned awareness.
Bringing in all your powers to assist you in your choices.
Focusing on your own personal direction.
Shifting more and more to the new You on a daily basis.

Reading the symbols that show up in your consciousness to access helpful information.
Reading other energies to access how you feel and where you are.
Allowing for a feeling of flow in your day to day. How to do this and understand your own flow.
Diving into the shadows and darkness to find the hidden jewels of your life.

MONTH THREE – Diving into Other Familiar Realities
Fully opening to and practicing allowing what comes and trusting in yourself.
Accepting that which comes into your life with ease and love.
Flowing with your life from minute to minute.
Celebrating your incredible progress and life changing moments.

Intention setting within your dream realities.
Out of body connection and the power of letting go of fear of the unknown.
Cellular consciousness for self-healing and well being.
Incorporating multi-level connections from your past and your present, letting go of time.

How is the program set up?

As we make our way through this program together, I will also be on my own journey, learning from you. I am not a quiet participant. I will be in a place of shifting as well and together we can support each other, infuse each other, encourage each other.

In the three month program you will be receiving the following:

  1. A 60 minute session with me each week on a scheduled time. This will either be carried out in person, on the phone or on Skype. The sessions will be scheduled on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.
  2. You will part of a secret Facebook group, the CORE, where you can share, ask questions, send waves of love, observe others on the journey.
  3. Short videos, in the CORE, from me that will be reminders, inspirations, thoughts and other things I feel need to be expressed.

What is the investment?

You can pay for the program the following way:

1. One payment of $450 per month. The payment will be due at the beginning of each month.

2. One payment of $1200. If you are ready to commit right now, you can pay for the program upfront.

It is important that you are ready to commit to 3 months! It takes this amount of time to really implement the change you are looking for. I know you can do it! Anything is possible. The most difficult part is committing to yourself. After that I will guide you through. YOU ARE THE POWER!


I want to apply now!


I would like to have a conversation with you first. Let me explain in more detail and answer any questions you have.
Please include in your email:
Availability for a Conversation

I am so excited and so full of love to be offering this program and to be part of this personalized and group transformational healing.

Let’s blast off together!