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Rate Options to Explore


Opening Up
$140 / session (60 min)

Who this is for
*You need a boost and fresh new perspective on your relationship or sexual concerns.
*You would like to explore some ideas and possibilities around sex.
*You are not happy with your current situation and would like to work with me one session at a time.
*You are confused about a sexual or intimate issue and you need to talk to someone.

Let it Flow
$499 / 4 session package (60 min. each)

Who this is for
*You would like on-going support through an issue, blockage, direction, experience.
*You are confused by what is happening in your life right now and would like some support to transition through.
*You are wanting to explore something different, a unique fantasy/kink/sexual experience and would like some guidance.
*You are dealing with a bisexual husband and need someone that will empathize and lead you through the discomfort you are feeling.
*You have been stuck in a situation and have come to a point where expanding in to new territory is required.

$1499 Total Package /
12 sessions total (60 min each)

Who this is for
*You are ready to make some serious change in the way you have been living
*You want to know how to express who you really are so that you reach a place where you are feeling more pleasure and love for yourself
*You are unconscious of why you are in the situation you are in right now and you are ready to take some risks in finding out answers
*You are conscious about the state you are in but there are many fears you have around making adjustments and taking risks


Easy Payment
Sessions can be paid in cash, cheque or cc.
Package sessions must be paid in advance.

Need Support
I am committed to assist whoever needs support in their exploration. Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss cost alternatives
to the rates indicated above.