Sexual Repression is a Killer

tumblr_m4wstk52CD1r1nh6ho1_500A sexual desire is a very powerful force that cannot be stopped. You can try to ignore it, to push it down deeper inside yourself, to pretend that it does not affect you or to hide from it, but it will not go away. It will only continue to grow, to taunt you, to nag at you, to bubble up over and over again continually haunting you.

As you repress these deep desires, you are blocking the natural flow of who you are.

There are so many reasons, excuses, laws, rules in place to not expose who we are. There are so many external forces that tell us to keep quiet, hold tight, be normal, this is the way it should be done, you are not allowed, be practical, be sensible, don’t hurt the family, the group, the country.

This begins at a very young age when we attach our old beliefs to our children whom we assume know nothing. We stand like gods before them telling them that we know better, that we know what they should feel, how they should act and be in the world. Of course we are repressed ourselves, holding in our true expressions, blaming and chastising our children who innocently mirror that which we truly feel.

When really we know nothing about who they are and the world they are wanting to create.  

As we grow, the repressed desires manifest in other ways; emotional distress, physical illness, mental instability.

At some point in your life, you may be compelled to let it out. You are unable to hold this deep desire in for another second. You are at the brink of explosion.  The massive fear to expose this part of yourself forces you to uncover the truth. A core part of you knows that this is the only thing you can do, that if you do not, you will die.

What happens then? It does not matter anymore. Nothing matters except to release the state of repression you have boxed yourself into for so long.  

The circle of sexual repression can stop with you. It has to end somewhere.

You have someone close that you can expose yourself to, possibly you have found a professional that will support you, maybe you take it into your own hands and act upon it positively as you see fit.

The release you will find from revealing who you are, no matter what happens next, will be the greatest unleashing of burden you may ever have in your life. The tearing apart inside, the torture you have put yourself through for so many years, the agony of holding back who you are can all be set free and you can begin to really start to live your life as who you really are.

What have you thought about recently that you have not had the courage to expose?
What are you hiding within yourself? 
What sexual desires are you contemplating but feel afraid to share for whatever reason?

 “I told her that I loved her and she was my best friend and wanted to share everything with her including my bisexual desires. She had a lot of questions. SINCE I had never experienced it she thought I might just be curious.  I told her I used to think that to but these desires have been with me for over 20 years and they are very strong. I told her it’s something I think about a lot. We talked for several hours over some wine and later in the bedroom. I told her everything. Everything in the past, my desires, my fantasies,   everything I could think of… This is such an Amazing feeling. I feel so good, so free and so close to her and I know she feels the same way. .. I just feel so close to her closer than ever before. And I have you to thank. I would have not done it now if not for you. Thank you so much. I will always remember you for this :). .. I feel so proud and good about my marriage and myself and I feel proud to be my wife’s’ bisexual husband sorry for this being so long. I’m just so excited.  Thank you again because of you and the understanding from my wife. I have known for a long time that I was bi. But sharing this with my wife who I really am makes me feel officially a proud Bisexual :)” – BE – Ohio, USA

Open dialogue.
Being vulnerable.
Allowing for personal expression.
Not judging others for who they are.
Loving one another.
Knowing that our beliefs are not those of another.
Giving each other room to live one’s life as they please.
Listening to others.
Being curious about others so that we can learn from one another.
Gaining knowledge to expand our perspective of the world and others.
Accepting each other for who we are as unique individuals.

These are challenging ways to live in a place where sexual repression has been an easier, safer choice. That seemingly safer choice of staying quiet about that tightly closed closet inside our own individual being has come to an end.

The exposure of who you are is much more powerful than anything you will ever do. The ripples of coming into loving and trusting yourself can and will change everything around you, in your own personal life and on a universal scale.




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