Sex Ed Can Change Everything

Get Some Sex Ed NowYes, we have a good sex life… I think.

I mean we have sex… sometimes.

At least a few times a week … maybe.

That is when we have time at least, which is not often.

For how long do we have sex? Oh ah … 15 minutes, maybe 20.

Yes that’s from kissing to cumming.

Penetration? 2, 3 minutes I would say.

Yes!  I would like to have more sex.

At least twice a day! … Just kidding … no not really kidding … umm… that’s a bit much … isn’t it?

She doesn’t really want to. Women are not into it I guess.

Masturbate every day … yeah …

I think about … ahh, well… I watch porn … or think about fucking her … or doing things to her.

She would never let me … am I weird?


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