Sex Ed for Men

This is a Sex Education Series for Conscious, Courageous Men
wanting to connect to their sexual energy and deepen sexual exploration


Are you eager to make changes and shifts in the way you have done things in your intimate and sexual life up to now for experiences that will be more passionate and exciting?

Are you committed to the process of deeply learning about your sexual self and unique sexual expression in order to create more satisfying, exciting connections?

Are you bold enough to explore and open to ways of tapping into your sexual energy, accepting the uniqueness you offer allowing YOU to be present in how you want to express yourself?



*How to access your sexual energy so that you can use it to create, maintain, control, harness your ejaculation for more exciting, passionate, love making.

*How to gain confidence and increase your self-esteem around your partner and/or other sexual connections.

*How to connect to your sacred masculine power so that you can show up feeling strong and loving in your sexual encounters.

*How to connect to your desire in order to begin to express your unique sexual expression whenever you become intimate with another.

*How to better understand your partner/s so that both of you are feeling pleasure in your intimate expression with each other.

*How to create a lifelong commitment to sexual exploration knowing that there will always be places to grow, change, explore and expand into.

Over a period of 5 sessions we will work on building your sexual energy, with exercises and discussion, to a place where you are feeling stronger and more confident in who you are a sexual being.

Each session is tailored for each person.

5 Sessions – Total Cost $599.00

Sessions take place in person at Lianna’s studio.

Contact Lianna NOW for more information and to book your first session!


Take your intimate and sexual life to a deeper more fullfilling place.


Thanks for giving me things to think about and work on…. not only did I learn a lot, but it was way more fun than even a good book would have been. -Chris

You session was transformation for me in opening to my sexual self. –Mark

Thank you so much for a truly enjoyable experience that was fun and educational.  –Frank