Erotic Being in You

How to be a Sensuous, Sexy, Confident Women
At Any Age, At Any Time

Begins Monday, March 13, 2017

A guided series for women, where I work with you weekly, inspiring you, offering you shifts in perspectives, and exercises that will help direct you towards feeling and thinking of yourself as a beautiful, sexy, erotic being. I want to create a tribe of women who are ready to blast into their sexual beings fully and confidently.

Why am I doing this?

As a woman growing up in a sexually repressive and misguided society around sex, men and pleasure, I felt afraid to express my true desires.

Enough was enough. It was time to break down those fears!

I was scared. I was excited. I wanted to let her out to freely express without shame and fear.

So I embarked on a sexual journey. For the past 17 years I have been consciously and diligently learning, playing, experimenting and exploring the potential of truly unleashing my Sexual Self.

What happened was beyond my wildest expectations.

I want to share with you the possibilities that await you.
I want to help you break down beleifs and ideas about sex and men that are not serving you.
I want you to start feeling empowered and beautiful and sexual and full of self-love


Why join me?

You want to feel alive.
You want to open to amazing possibilities within you.
You want to feel free to express your sexual self in her own unique way.

As a woman you are a powerful, independent, strong being. You are also a feminine, swirling, sensuous creature.  Working with me, I will help you to let go and start allowing yourself freedom in the exploration of your erotic self. I know you have the potential to thrive, grow and blossom in whatever way you desire.

In this series we will explore:

*Feeling a deep connection with yourself in love.
*Breaking through sexual fears and blockages that have been holding you back.
*Learning how to get in tune and express your feminine energy as a radiant woman.
*Opening yourself to attracting your partner as you begin to understand and respond to what you desire and need.
*Letting go of any limiting beliefs so that you can start to express yourself as a sensual being.
*Strengthening who you are as a woman so you can communicate what you want from a partner.
*Trusting and accepting yourself for who you are and what you desire.
*Learning to love, embrace and then radiate a unique erotic you.

Open to your unique Sexual Self.
Dive into the Erotic You.

Series begins March 13, 2017

Series Includes:
-Six one-on-one coaching sessions for 30 min. each week.
Weekly thematic videos to inspire, empower, expand your mind, body and soul.
-Exercises to open and expand you to your erotic world.
Private facebook group to ask questions, share, support and meet others in the program.

Cost only $499.00

Pay before March 1 – only $429.00 !!!

*Limited number of of spots available.

There is a GODDESS inside who is ready to be set free. There is so much untapped potential. It is time to allow the true nature of your erotic being to shine through.

The time to do this is now!

Come join me.

Contact me for more information, questions, anything!