From some of my wonderful explorers out there.
Thank-you for sharing and being so brave in the process.

Counselling with Lianna has been refreshing and inspiring. I had been ready to move forward for some time, however I was stuck and felt unable to take the ultimate step that would lead to a positive change in direction. I highly recommend Lianna, as her advice is not based on fear, but on joy and fulfillment. – Z. Vancouver, Canada

For those looking for help in their sex life and relationships in general, I can certainly recommend Lianna.  She is a wonderful, understanding and very experienced/knowledgeable person.  I can highly recommend her as she helped my asexual wife and I come to terms with our situation after many years of struggling to figure it out.  After spending lots of time and money on a number of different marriage counselors/psychologists and getting nowhere, I went to a seminar Lianna was doing regarding relationships.  After the seminar was over, I had a chance to talk to Lianna and explain my situation to her.  She said my wife may be asexual and went on to explain what this was to me as I had not heard of it before.
It was not long before my wife and I were seeing Lianna.  She very quickly led us to finding the root of the problem (my wife was able to identify herself as asexual) and suggest some ways forward.  She did this in a way that was completely honest, understanding and open, which helped us both see the situation clearly so we could accept it (and each other) while moving forward in a positive way. Thanks so much for your help and guidance Lianna! – Edward Adams – Vancouver, Canada

I told her that I loved her and she was my best friend and wanted to share everything with her including my bisexual desires. She had a lot of questions. SINCE I had never experienced it she thought I might just be curious.  I told her I used to think that to but these desires have been with me for over 20 years and they are very strong. I told her it’s something I think about a lot. We talked for several hours over some wine and later in the bedroom. I told her everything. Everything in the past, my desires, my fantasies,   everything I could think of… This is such an Amazing feeling. I feel so good, so free and so close to her and I know she feels the same way. She’s been extremely horny since I told her. We’re all over each other it’s like we went back to that first few months of dating. It’s crazy…I just feel so close to her closer than ever before. And I have you to thank. I would have not done it now if not for you. Thank you so much. I will always remember you for this :). .. I feel so proud and good about my marriage and myself and I feel proud to be my wife’s’ bisexual husband sorry for this being so long. I’m just so excited.  Thank you again because of you and the understanding from my wife. I have known for a long time that I was bi. But sharing this with my wife who I really am makes me feel officially a proud Bisexual 🙂 – EB – Ohio, USA

I came to Lianna for a 4-session coaching package with the intent of learning how to access more of my feminine side–but I got far more out of it than that. She created a comfortable atmosphere and it was easy to be honest with her. Each coaching session gave me excellent information and support, but the real value for me lay in Lianna’s thoughtful and targeted “homework” assignments. These creative and challenging exercises were a real catalyst for growth. In all, the coaching experience with Lianna profoundly changed my thinking and perspective. – P.D. – Vancouver, Canada

I had the pleasure of spending 12 sessions with Lianna, what a fantastic person.  Working with Lianna has helped me with many of lifes challenges; long term relationships, sexual, work, and many other general life issues/problems or sometimes perceived issues/problems. Lianna is one of the finiest people I know, she has a huge heart, is aways kind while able to get her point across in a way that makes sense, has a sense of humour, is a joy to be around and always professional. Lianna’s sessions are like getting together with a friend over coffee while you grow, learn more about yourself, and move on the “continual exploration of life” (quoting Lianna). On top of all this, within a day or two you get an email with a summary of the session which includes; notes from the session, suggestions on things to do between sessions, assignments, exercises and mantras to help along the way. As if this isn’t enough, Lianna is available via email between sessions, I regularly emailed her when I was facing challenges and Lianna would respond.  Sometimes with recommendations on how to handle things, sometimes just with a supportive encouraging email but she always responded.  I couldn’t have asked for better support. All that is left to say is “Thanks Lianna, keep being you!”
T.H. – Vancouver, Canada

Lianna help me move forward by showing me that I am a sexual woman with the ability to make a choice, and that I can do things differently if I choose to. She gave me practical advice and specific exercises that helped me connect to myself and my partner. She also sent me the amazing emails with the notes from our meetings that were super helpful. Lianna has a great positive attitude about sex and is very inspiring. Our conversations were honest and relaxed and I truly appreciate her.I will absolutely recommend Lianna as a coach to my friends and intend to continue my work and exploration with her guidance.
A.V. – Vancouver, Canada

I am a 52 year old woman, separated for 2 years after 18 years of marriage and am ready to get out there and have relationships again, did not know how to start had the rebound which ended badly but really is not a surprise but sparked that flame that I used to have, now I want it in a healthy way and I could only think of one person to ask for guidance, no sugar coating how to get started.   Thank you Lianna for your help.
J. N. – Los Angeles, USA

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