This Is My Life

tumblr_npu6r8IGOt1qzcapfo1_500Work life
Family life
Spiritual life
Social life
Sex life

I look at these areas of my life as the various places I have relationships, where I express myself and where I nurture myself. Sometimes one area needs more attention than another and so I mindfully direct my focus there.

What are the beliefs I have about this part of my life?
Are the relationships I have here still working for me?
What can I do to shift myself so that I am feeling more joy in this area?

When I ignore one area for too long, self criticism begins to bubbles up and my physical being starts to break down. What is wrong with me?!

I know where this dis-ease is coming from but I will push it away over and over again. I say I don’t have time to deal with it.  I make excuses. I blame the relationships in this area.  I am afraid.

When I feel angry and judgemental about that part of me, it is the area that is in the most need of my immediate HELP.

As terrified as I may be to deal with it, if I do not, it will only get bigger and louder. The relationships within it will suffer and my mental and physical states will begin to crumble.

Sitting in my self-loathing can get comfortable, easy. Sometimes it takes everything I have to bust out.

Finally I get the courage to look at that area honestly and I start to see that THIS IS MY LIFE.  If I want something different, I have to be the one that leads the way.

What do I desire here?

The other areas of my life always benefit from me taking care of myself. Support comes out where I never knew existed. Love pours forth unexpectedly.

I am multi-dimensional complex being. I am an ever changing entity that wants experiences and challenges.

I CAN be consciously part of the directions I go.  

I CHOOSE to continue to grow into becoming more of who I am in all areas of my life.




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