Trust Me Baby!

tumblr_nqexsl7tPv1s31o1xo1_400Can you TRUST your partner that they are making the best decisions for themself, no matter what that is?

We want to trust our partners.

We trust they will tell us what is going on for them, what they are truly feeling, what they do when they do it.

It is not that simple.

We communicate differently.
We move through life differently.
We unfold differently.
Trusting communication comes in one form for you and for your partner in a very different form.

There is often much that is not revealed. Not because someone is breaking the trust in the partnership. We are multi-dimensional beings with complex layers of who we are.

We are making the choices that are best for the relationship but we also need to make choices that are best for us individually.

In a relationship we have to understand this very clearly in order to allow each person some room to explore and grow within their own time and space.

“I trusted that you would remain faithful to me for the rest of our lives and now you tell me you have had sex with someone behind my back!?”

If your partner tells you this, you may not like it; you may leave them for making that choice. You also may open the communication to find all sorts of hidden desires within each other that caused the choice to be made.

This action does not mean they love you any less. Trust must go deeper.

I trust that you are making the best decision for you right now.

I trust that we will move forward making the best choices for each of us in the desires that we have and need.

I trust in my life and in how things continue to unfold.





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