What’s Your Relationship Vibration?

LoveYourBodyFight and fuck, that is our vibration.

Any time we try to have a conversation our eyes glaze over, blame comes barrelling out.
Whenever we try to do something together, I’m right, he’s wrong, he’s right, I’m wrong.
The kids, we discuss. The dinner, we exchange notes. The house, we make plans.

The playfulness, the fun, the silliness … nothing.

We connect when we fight and when we fuck.
Our fighting is fierce, direct, intense, passionate. Our fucking stems from there.

Where have the soft edges gone, the tenderness, the warmth, the caring, the adoring?
It takes all I have to get it back; recognizing what I have created, understanding that I have the power to change this, knowing very clearly that this is not what I want anymore!  

How do I get away from the blaming, the criticism, being the victim, the anger?
How do I start accepting, understanding and loving everything about him and us?
How can I feel adoration, deep connection, timeless togetherness?

A yoga class taught me how.

What do I want? Love. Repeat.
How do I want to respond? Lovingly. Repeat.
How do I want to feel? Full of love. Repeat.
How do I want to interact? With love. Repeat.

I consciously, diligently, mindfully, patiently change the repetitive vibration to a place where my Love is more prevalent…

then everything begins to immediately stem from there.


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