Sexual Roleplay

SchoolgirlSexual Roleplay: an erotic way to put sizzle back into your relationship


Date: Sept. 14 or Oct. 24 , 2016

Time: 7:30-9:30

Location:  The Art of Loving (369 West Broadway)

Cost: $25.00    Sign-up Now at The Art of Loving

Have you ever thought about having sex with your boss, the hot pool boy or that sexy babysitter?

Now you can. 

Join Sex and Relationship expert, Lianna Walden for an evening of exploration into the many ways that sexual roleplay can enhance your sex life.

Their workshop will cover:

Opening to your own turn-ons;
Preparing and setting up a scene;
Ssexualizing the roles;
Letting go of fears and allowing the scene to flow;
Experimenting with different possibilities;
Keeping the sexy flow of conversation moving.

Specializing in fantasy roleplay, Lianna will give you a taste of how to take the first few steps toward creating fulfilling fantasies of your own and bringing your sex life to places you never thought you’d dare.


“The workshop on roleplaying made me feel very comfortable and confident with my sensual self; my dreams and desires. I felt ready to open up and play right away!”

“Fantastic workshop. Speakers were intelligent and funny. I learned more in this and the non monogamy workshop than in many full college courses. Sexual topics are so undertalked about in our society!”

“Very good workshop. It was not was I was envisioning but I was pleasantly surprised on where it took us. It made you think outside the box.”


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See you there!




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