Couples / Singles Awakening

Open to a Sensual Healing Session

Exploratory and informative, this session is perfect for lovebody2couples who are ready to dive into a deeper version of their sexual selves.

This somatic coaching style is a hands-on, holistic, loving and personalized approach to sex and relationship coaching.  I invite you to tap into your emotionally charged and erotically embodied lives, experience the power of connecting to your sexual energy, move beyond any sexual negativity and to discover your hidden desires.

This is pleasure-based, interactive and experiential. Step by step I will guide you through to connecting to and awakening your sexual energy. This connection will illuminate your sex lives to a place you have not been before, teaching you techniques that enhance your pleasure and open you to allowing your unique sexual expression.

In this Transformative Session:

You will be lead through experiences of touch, breathwork, sensations and inhibition-releasing movement.

We will work together on you fully inhabiting your body to experience the fullness of your powerful sexual energy. This energy is directly connected to your desire, passion and that which gets you aroused.

Connecting mindfully in sexuality is about feeling your body in the moment. When with a partner, learning how to be available in breath and energy, you expand your ability to connect.

This techniques called Embodiment embraces self-awareness, awareness of others, and responsiveness to your body’s needs and messages. Through embodiment practices you get in touch with your body as a source of wisdom and guidance.

You will learn many new ways of creating pleasure.

From where you are now, we will expand to pleasurable places you have not experienced before. This includes levels of orgasm, creating and receiving different sensations, feeling the give and take of energy exchange and playing with looking at sex as an all sensory exploration.

You will learn to fully embrace your sexuality.

There are many different offerings when it comes to sexuality. You will develop your own unique understanding of what desire and passion means to you. With my expertise, skills and vocabulary around sexual exploration, you will discover your desires in a safe and non-judgemental environment. I will help you connect to your sexual energy so that you then allow your body to be the guide through your desires, wants and needs. You will create a sex life that is flowing in a direction that feels exciting, passionate and more fulfilling for you.

You will discover and explore your unique sexual self.

Your beliefs and ideas about sex shape you up to this point. We will explore how these were formed in your life to create what your core emotional needs around sexuality have become. I will introduce you to different perspectives. This can assist in shaping how you want to create your sex life so that it is more conducive to how you feel and what you now want to express sexually in your life.

You will experience communicating boundaries to gain empowerment.

Pushing past old boundaries and allowing for new ones to emerge is a constant in sexual exploration. We will explore practising how to offer and receive boundaries in a way that creates deeper trust and intimacy.

You will work towards moving beyond sexual shame.

Exposure in a safe, accepting and loving container allows for an exploration deeply into your body and your pleasure towards a greater sense of personal freedom.

A Touch Coaching Session is Aimed Towards:

  • Becoming creative and communicative to change long-term relationship sex from boring to mind-blowing.
  • Move past their sexless marriage or low sex relationship to find a healthy, vibrant sex life again.
  • Learn more loving and connective forms of communication.
  • Heal from any trauma that has occured in the relationship.
  • Bridge differences in desires including kinks and fetishes that arise.
  • Negotiate around moving from monogamous to non-monogamous activities.
  • Heal from the effects of any sexual inhibitions in the relationship.

Erotic14Helping Women Become Emotionally and Sexually Empowered

  • I coach women to move beyond their negative socialization around sexuality to reclaim and revitalize their emotional and erotic selves.
  • I help women reclaim and embody their sexuality so that they can feel more empowered in the world and in their relationships.
  • I encourage them to express their needs and feelings in a clear, loving, and honest way so you can have deeper emotional and sexual connection and fulfillment.
  • You will claim your unique sexual expression however that is, knowing that you are different from everyone else in how you want to be, act, and express yourself sexually.

We will explore the following:

  • Find out the underlying causes of low desire so they can reignite or discover their interest in sex
  • Overcome insecurities about desirability, lovability
  • Address sexual dysfunction around difficulty orgasming and pelvic pain
  • Gain clarity about their fantasies and desires
  • Learn to communicate clear boundaries and lower their chances of sexual violation and abuse
  • Ask for what they want lovingly and increase the likelihood they will get it
  • Deal with underlying pain and disappointment so they can shift unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Practice empowered dating – know what they want from partners and how to discern between sex and love
  • Experience the fulfillment of surrendering and receiving
  • Move beyond shame about sexual expression
  • Become familiar with their body and an expert on their own arousal
  • Heal from and embrace their sexuality after a history of sexual abuse

MesnWebHelping Men Become Emotionally and Sexually Empowered

I help men overcome their negative socialization around emotions and then demonization of the masculine so they can feel and connect more deeply with themselves and their partners. I help them accept thier unique expression, embodied desires and sexual energy so they can walk in the world in a way that is confident, strong and loving. I help them become connected and sensual lovers so that they can feel the power of pleasuring their  partners and creating desire within themselves.

We will explore the following:

  • Work through erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation.
  • Connecting consciously with women through empowerment and dealing with rejection.
  • Learning to relax any anxieties around sex.
  • Face insecurities about lovability and performance.
  • Become connected and comfortable with their own and others emotions.
  • Practice lifelong romantic, passionate and/or dominant seduction of their partners.
  • Bring confident erotic energy, sensual touch and intoxicating words.
  • Understand pleasuring women.
  • Identify and communicate their own sexual needs.
  • Clarify their relationship to porn and address porn and sex addiction.
  • Embrace and allow the expression of their unique sexual desires.

As an experiential session controlled and guided by me, will take you to an expanded, more joyful version of your sexual selves.


Awakening Session for Couples – A minimum 3 hour session is scheduled. This includes an initial consultation,the session and a follow-up check-in.

Total investment  $1000.00 

*Session takes place at Lianna’s studio or your location.
*Lianna will travel, all expenses must be paid including rate for Awakening Session.
*25% is held as a deposit once the date is determined.


Awakening Session for SingleA minimum of 90 minute session is required. This includes initial consultation and a 90 minute session.

Total Investment $500.00

*Session takes place at Lianna’s studio or your location.
*Lianna will travel, all expenses must be paid including rate for Awakening Session.
*25% is held as a deposit once the date is determined.


Please include your name/s, contact number,
time and preference dates for an initial consultation.


The exploration never ends …

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